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Five Finger Pellet Five Finger Pellet
Use the knife and perform tricks around your hand but dont stab your..
Views: 647
Category: Action
Catch The Pixies Catch The Pixies
Capture the little pixies wandering in your classroom using your mag..
Views: 452
Category: Action
Beetle Buggin Beetle Buggin
A swanky game where you drive a tiny VW Beetle around a desktop coll..
Views: 557
Category: Action
Flash Strike Flash Strike
Shoot as many terrorists as you possibly can.
Views: 759
Category: Shooting
Red Chefs Red Chefs
Splat all the red chefs with ice cream.
Views: 1242
Category: Shooting
Dukz Dukz
Re-live good old carnival fun through this game and try to shoot the..
Views: 522
Category: Shooting
Weird Bicycle Game Weird Bicycle Game
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like! Speed dow..
Views: 2263
Category: Racing
F1 Chinese GP F1 Chinese GP
Test your engines in this fact-paced Formula 1 racing game. You'..
Views: 1882
Category: Racing
Spongebob Squarepants: Delivery Dilemma Spongebob Squarepants: Delivery Dilemma
Help Spongebob deliver ingredients to the Krusty Krab without gettin..
Views: 11984
Category: Racing
Pumpkin Battle Pumpkin Battle
An evil pumpkin has invaded your patch and is wreaking havoc. He mus..
Views: 2545
Category: Fighting
Whack Your Boss Whack Your Boss
Find the 7 different ways to whack your boss in this painfully funny..
Views: 3756
Category: Fighting
Shuriken Shuriken
Ninja fighting game.
Views: 2965
Category: Fighting
Spheroids Spheroids
Guide your ship with the arrow keys and fire the laser with spacebar..
Views: 455
Category: Puzzle
Battle - Lord of the Ring Battle - Lord of the Ring
Battle against enemies with your sword and staff in the shire, moria..
Views: 458
Category: Puzzle
Hacker Hacker
Think you can hack? Try hacking your way into this system....if you..
Views: 550
Category: Puzzle
American Football American Football
1...2...3...HUT! Throw the ball to your chums in Rugby for cissies...
Views: 811
Category: Sports
Panda Dude Panda Dude
A panda skateboarder?
Views: 582
Category: Sports
Keep Ups 2 Keep Ups 2
How long can you keep a soccer ball up in the air?
Views: 1282
Category: Sports
Ping AI Ping AI
This is a quality, updated version of the classic pong game. Battle ..
Views: 1214
Category: Retro
Slider Mania Slider Mania
Slide the puzzle pieces into place.
Views: 1888
Category: Retro
Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise
Complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle.
Views: 1096
Category: Retro
Madness Combat 4 Madness Combat 4
Madness Combat 4 - Apotheosis is an excellent shooting/fighting movie.
Views: 694
Category: Other
Battle - Tactics United Battle - Tactics United
Choose your attack, use your sword or battle with magic, kill enemie..
Views: 665
Category: Other
Night Raptor Night Raptor
Fly around with your ship shoot down aliens and pick up hostages.
Views: 642
Category: Other
Great Mahjong Great Mahjong
Classic mah-jongg chinese solitaire game match up two of the same ti..
Views: 2822
Category: Card Games
Flash Poker Flash Poker
This is a really cool flash poker game. Place your bets now!!
Views: 1850
Category: Card Games
Mario Video Poker Mario Video Poker
Wager a bet from 5 dollars to one thousand. Deal out the cards, sele..
Views: 1903
Category: Card Games