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Airborne Airborne
Play against another person shoot down your player usng the heli avo..
Views: 516
Category: Action
Dead Marshes Dead Marshes
Guide the young hobbits and their goblin friend through the dangerou..
Views: 445
Category: Action
Simpleton Simpleton
Run around shredding enemies with your chainsaw, submachine gun, sho..
Views: 2751
Category: Action
Plebbi Duck Hunt Plebbi Duck Hunt
Shoot down the flying ducks with your shotgun before they fly off th..
Views: 718
Category: Shooting
Zynex Zynex
Infiltrate the office, shoot the enemies with your AK-47 or blow the..
Views: 788
Category: Shooting
Tommy Gun Tommy Gun
You've witnessed the mafia carrying out a mob hit. Escape with ..
Views: 1905
Category: Shooting
MiniClip Rally MiniClip Rally
Ninja, Monkey, and Zed challenge each other to race it out on their..
Views: 1859
Category: Racing
Asteroids 2k3 Asteroids 2k3
New and improved asteroids game.
Views: 1512
Category: Racing
Ace Racer Ace Racer
Ride on your skidoo water boat over the waves, jump over dolphins an..
Views: 2274
Category: Racing
Bloody Rage Bloody Rage
Mortal Kombat style fighting game. It's a bloody rage!
Views: 4857
Category: Fighting
Ad Tick Fighter Ad Tick Fighter
A strange game where you beat the heck out of some guy in this sumo ..
Views: 2394
Category: Fighting
The Legend Of Dragon Fist The Legend Of Dragon Fist
The aim of this beat 'em up game is to defeat 10 opponents. All..
Views: 2609
Category: Fighting
Escape from Fairy World Escape from Fairy World
Move the bat around with the arrow keys, avoid smashing into the wal..
Views: 635
Category: Puzzle
The Daring Dozen The Daring Dozen
Shoot the egg out of your basket and land it into the basket floatin..
Views: 1101
Category: Puzzle
Major Slant Major Slant
Slant the board to navigate your ball to the end of the path.
Views: 1330
Category: Puzzle
Nordic Chill Nordic Chill
Use proper tecniques in cross-country skiing, shooting, ski jump and..
Views: 753
Category: Sports
Sketchbook Samurai Sketchbook Samurai
Free spirited wackheads unite to help Hitomi fight her enemies - the..
Views: 585
Category: Sports
Wake Boarding XS Wake Boarding XS
Jump on your board, get in the water and jump off ramps to perform a..
Views: 2170
Category: Sports
Tetris Tetris
Classic Tetris.
Views: 1848
Category: Retro
Super Mario Revived Super Mario Revived
Play as the revived Super Mario in this exciting retro flash game. G..
Views: 789
Category: Retro
The Dead Case The Dead Case
Explore a haunted town as a ghost and solve the mystery of your own ..
Views: 631
Category: Retro
Xiao Xiao Mall Brawl Xiao Xiao Mall Brawl
Another animation done by Zhu.
Views: 839
Category: Other
Jackpot Jackpot
A great classic jackpot game.
Views: 1582
Category: Other
UFO 101 UFO 101
Mr. Greenberg has just purchased a new UFO, and now needs to learn h..
Views: 2507
Category: Other
Absolutist BlackJack Absolutist BlackJack
Play casino style Blackjack. Hit, stand, or double down. Insure agai..
Views: 1753
Category: Card Games
Flash Poker Flash Poker
This is a really cool flash poker game. Place your bets now!!
Views: 1914
Category: Card Games
Anime BlackJack Anime BlackJack
Play Blackjack against this Anime Dealer
Views: 1955
Category: Card Games