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Monkeyz Monkeyz
Drive your combat vehicle around and find the pieces of your Fist Ro..
Views: 532
Category: Action
Big Bird Hunting Big Bird Hunting
Go point hunting for big ducks with your crossbow.
Views: 505
Category: Action
Carious Weltling Carious Weltling
Spit up at the things flying down eat up whatever falls to the groun..
Views: 554
Category: Action
Mario Remix Mario Remix
Pick between three games, Super Mario World, Gradius, and Megaman, a..
Views: 1823
Category: Shooting
Sheepteroids! Sheepteroids!
An updated version on the classic Asteroids game. They're not a..
Views: 1272
Category: Shooting
Impusca Baloanele Impusca Baloanele
Shoot down the red and orange fruits with your revolver magnum but d..
Views: 640
Category: Shooting
Wheelers Wheelers
Race around this track on your motor bike. 2D game for the dedicate..
Views: 2130
Category: Racing
TGFG Racing TGFG Racing
Race around the track smashing into your opponents to knock them off..
Views: 2055
Category: Racing
Goosehead Racing Goosehead Racing
Race your dragster and win money to upgrade it.
Views: 2052
Category: Racing
Downing Street Fighter Downing Street Fighter
Take on other political party members as you battle to become the le..
Views: 2744
Category: Fighting
Achilles Battle Achilles Battle
Greek mythology tells tales about brave heroes fighting glorious bat..
Views: 3610
Category: Fighting
Feudalism Feudalism
Feudalism is an strategy/RPG with open world, so you can go wherever..
Views: 9204
Category: Fighting
Spiderman! Spiderman!
Swing across from one web to another while hitting down enemies to t..
Views: 480
Category: Puzzle
Bubble Fun Bubble Fun
Click on bubbles to make them explode and change the neighbouring bu..
Views: 540
Category: Puzzle
The Core 3 The Core 3
Choose different modes, classic, power, survival, avoid the radon co..
Views: 421
Category: Puzzle
Tir a larc Tir a larc
Change your angle of the shot move your stickman around dodge arrows..
Views: 934
Category: Sports
Electro Air Hockey Electro Air Hockey
Arcade style Air Hockey, 16 characters, special moves and more.
Views: 620
Category: Sports
Amazing Golf Pro Amazing Golf Pro
Shoot the golf ball with your putter pick up the golden tiles and th..
Views: 613
Category: Sports
Click N Slide Click N Slide
A nice puzzle sliding game.
Views: 581
Category: Retro
Sobics School 2 Sobics School 2
Eliminate all the groups of same colored tiles from an array in this..
Views: 1259
Category: Retro
Guess 5 Guess 5
Guess the five letter word within 5 attempts to score points on the ..
Views: 695
Category: Retro
Bush Fall Bush Fall
This is an amazing animation with great ragdoll physics.
Views: 652
Category: Other
Desktops Of The Future Desktops Of The Future
Check out different kinds of desktops with amazing cursors, such as ..
Views: 689
Category: Other
Flash Mario Bros Flash Mario Bros
Super Mario nintendo game with the option to play as either Mario or..
Views: 646
Category: Other
Solitaire Solitaire
Simple card game where have to stack the cards from Ace to King.
Views: 5333
Category: Card Games
Great Mahjong Great Mahjong
Classic mah-jongg chinese solitaire game match up two of the same ti..
Views: 2843
Category: Card Games
Classic Roulette Classic Roulette
Money, money, money!!! And even more money, when you'll feel you hav..
Views: 2202
Category: Card Games